The very best of the FIFA World Cup’s history

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Every four years, one of the most celebrated competitions on the planet is played. 32 countries around the world are represented in the FIFA World Cup tournament, which champions the world’s best football team. The competition has been around since 1930, and since its inception, whether or not someone is a fan of soccer, it has gathered millions of people around the world to celebrate not only the tournament but their pride for their country. Also since its first official tournament, the FIFA World Cup has had its fair share of interesting historical incidents.

From chasing down a lost trophy to the infamous hand ball by Diego Maradona in the 1986 World Cup, I have created a timeline that incorporates some of the most critical moments in the tournament’s history. Check it out here!



America’s 10 cities dealing with a drinking problem

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Using data from a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, Men’s Health magazine created a list of the 10 American cities where drinking seems to be a legitimate problem. The rankings are based on deaths from liver disease, deaths in DUI crashes, binge drinking, DUI arrests and harsh DUI laws. There’s also a grade attached to each city based on the rankings of each category, but these 10 cities are so bad they all received F’s.

Take a look at the rankings through the lens of a Story Map by clicking here.

Costs of living in Indiana

Ever wonder how much it costs to live in the lovely state of Indiana? Luckily, according to, the largest cities in Indiana, which was ranked the eighth most affordable state in the country, are all relatively very affordable for married couples with one child. Graphiq took data from the Economic Policy Institute, The Council for Community and Economic Research and The Bureau of Labor Statistics to measure up the cost of living in some of the largest cities in Indiana.

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