Who says the Pro Bowl is irrelevant?

Over the last few years, the NFL’s Pro Bowl has been heavily criticized for not living up to the expectations of what an “all-star game” should look like. However, last night proved how relevant the game still is despite what the critics say.

Miss Universe, the annual international pageant, aired last night, and it overlapped with the Pro Bowl. Before diving into any numbers regarding TV ratings and viewership, I would have guessed that the Miss Universe pageant would garner more interest than the Pro Bowl given all the attention it received last year after Steve Harvey’s botched announcement of the winner.

In addition, last year’s Pro Bowl recorded its lowest rating since 2006, which didn’t give it much promise heading into this year. However, based on the numbers Google Trends gathered, it looks like people in the U.S. were still more interested in what the Pro Bowl offered than the Miss Universe pageant. The only time the pageant significantly gained more interest than the Pro Bowl was around 10 p.m. when the winner of the pageant was announced.

So to clarify, the NFL will always pull national interest regardless of who’s playing and what the quality of play is, but when it comes to the quality of all-star games among different leagues, that’s where the arguments on the NFL having the worst of such games come into play.


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