Comparing Chicago’s two biggest current issues

Over the past week, Chicago has been highlighted on several occasions on a national scale. The first incident came last Tuesday when President Donald Trump wrote a tweet regarding Chicago’s uncontrollable violence. What seemed almost threatening to the nation’s third largest city failed to gain as much attention as I thought it was have received from Chicagoans.

I tried using keywords like “violence,” “shootings,” and “murder,” but none of these words seemed to have been searched as much as Trump’s choice of word – carnage. The spike was relatively low when compared to the issue of immigration, which took the world by storm when Trump issued an executive order banning all refugees from entering the United States for the next 120 days until a proper vetting system is figured out by Trump and his staff. Over the weekend, Chicago, along with other major cities, protested the order. Hundreds of people took the streets and the airports to show their frustration towards Trump’s order.

It’s interesting to see how quickly Chicago is to take an interest on a national issue like immigration, but when it comes to a local issue, the uproar doesn’t have quite the same affect. As someone from Chicago, it’s interesting to note, and to be frank, a little disappointing.


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